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Freezepop's JEM! Freezepop's JEM!

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The Truth

This isnt Flash. Flash is the abiliy to animate using software. The blue stribble on your name doesnt really count to make it flash. This is a regular video - that belongs on youtube. If you havent noticed - only people who animate alot in there videos (and I mean alot) pass for the mustar for newgrounds. So check out your score so far... Ooooo theres almost 7000 votes all pointing in one direction - the blam direction. So thats why theres so much "controversy", so even more like a collective vote saying go away and dont do this again! One last thing - alot of people just tell you it was good as sarcarsm... so be careful. 13 year old. LOLLLL!!!!

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help newgroundsssssssssss help newgroundsssssssssss

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Critical Review

Usually a sound board consists of buttons that give different sounds not all the same. I would have suggested that you make a music vid flash instead. Sorry I only give either 1 or ten and you get a 1.

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MilfredmousZX responds:


Soccerk! trailer Soccerk! trailer

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So what that guy below said:

Online translation from

Good attempt. The drawings are seen well, but the truth that yes he needs the music. Also I see that your English is average shoot. If queres the next time you send to me a message to my account here to help with the translation.

Blockhead: Episode 8 Blockhead: Episode 8

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Huge fan, so are my friends. We actually bought your "number one guy shirt" online. Dressed up and gave out candy as Blockhead!! Great sequel... I love the fact he signs in this one lol kee up the good work!

The-Swain responds:

I wish/hope you guys have pictures, I'd put them on the site in an instant :D

Mighty Komrads Chapter 1 Mighty Komrads Chapter 1

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?? LOL ??

5 FOR YOU, CAUSE I COULDNT UNDERSTAND A WORD... LOL!!! No Seriously I gave you 5.

It's All Around You [CC] It's All Around You [CC]

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Good job, I read a review posted by DemonMessiah. I do agree with the clock stuff getting old, however; what I didnt like about them was the "computer voice". Since your flash was a music video, it completly by passed it. Im happy, liked the work.

And dude what was the music from? I think I remember it in a film but I cant remember.

DarkMatterClock responds:

This recording is from "Love actually" and thank you very much for the review!

A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol

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Well Done Christmas Music Vid.

Wow, gotta say it really gets you in the mood. Loved the video, sums up the movie well and gets straight to the point. I gave this one a perfect vote 5!!!

Merry Christmas.

Shellshock episode 6 xmas Shellshock episode 6 xmas

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Sky Babies Sky Babies

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What was the point of this?

Not sure what the point was... Was it a music video? Fine if it was, but even then, nothing impressive. Sorry, but I gotta give this an overall 3.

Pigmash responds:

Incase your having trouble reading the obvious signs it was a music video, " Heres my full length (11+ minutes) music video"

Blockhead: Episode 4 Blockhead: Episode 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I really liked "Blockhead", and the humor that went along with it. Ive seen all the episodes up to now... All I can say is... when's the next one coming out?!!! Cant wait.

The-Swain responds:

A while until Ep.6, but "Time Squad" the movie is stillllllllllll in production. It'll be worth the wait (weight? Haha) and you'll be glad for the greater product, I promise.