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Lemmings - Tune 2 Lemmings - Tune 2

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I remember this TUNE!!!! Awesome dude sounds great. Reminds me of the good old dos days - cause of this I actually reinstalled my old copy of Lemmings with dos box!! LOL! Keep em coming!

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Golden Axe: Death Adder Golden Axe: Death Adder

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-what eles can I say?

What programs are you using?

|-Kate Lesing - Neverland-| |-Kate Lesing - Neverland-|

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Awesome Work! Out of your collection so far, I like this one the best. Keep it up! Awesome stuff man.

Flashburn - Tranceform Flashburn - Tranceform

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I like this tune, very catchy... I wouldnt consider this an attempt. Id consider it a hit! Keep the Trance coming!!!!!!!

Flashburn responds:

hey thanks for the review, i was feeling like this song maybe wasnt as good as my others

_-=[Aftermath]=-_ _-=[Aftermath]=-_

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Extra Support

I listened to all your current tunes. Im amazed to find a common theme. They all have a battle-oriented atmosphere to them. Thats pretty cool. I was even thinking on using one or two of them in a flash if I ever get around to it. Alone I Die is my favorite tune of your collection. It gives me ideas of a religious battle (instrument selection). This current tune Aftermath reminds me of something out of WW movie (1 or 2). pretty good tunes ****5/5 all your tunes!****

MaestroSorrow responds:

Many thanks Highland, I appreciate it ^^.

And your right, the reason all my pieces have some form of battle feel to it, is because the VST I use, has percussional sets that ALL feel milatary to it. Its beginning to effect every piece I try to make so i'll probably find something else.

thnx for the review.

SDO(R)- Battle GBA style SDO(R)- Battle GBA style

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Better take a look at your submission, it doesnt work ie, you press play... you dont hear anything. Try re-submitting it.

Leon401 responds:

I know. It looks like I'll have to start from scratch, sorry about that.